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Our Role

  • The role of B-BBEE Verification Agencies is to assess, verify and validate disclosed and undisclosed B-BBEE-related information on measured entities. 

  • The standards for performing B-BBEE measurement are fundamental to confirming that the information on which the certificate is based, has been tested for validity and accuracy. B-BBEE Verification should, therefore, be based on key measurement principles and standards.

  • The methodologies followed by Verification Agencies, in the performance of verification, should demonstrate a clear understanding and knowledge of the B-BBEE Framework and Codes of Good Practice.

Our Verification Process

  • Muthelo adheres to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Verification Manual, Gazette No.810 published to ensure we meet a standard and methodology that is transparent and coherent standards applicable to the verification industry.

  • We conform to, among other pre-requisites, the minimum requirements of the Verification Manual and ensure that the necessary standards are maintained and upheld even beyond accreditation.

  • Muthelo is accredited by SANAS

verification process

Our Approach

  • Our Approach ensures that the entire Verifications Process is committed, collaborative, compliant and results in a verified, signed off certificate.